Origin of Mr. Gansy Games

Nanoworld entranceCan you image something so small that you won’t be able to touch or see it even with the most powerful microscope?

How would you feel if some gave you a key to this nanoscale world? Would you open the gate?

That were my questions every time when I was scanning my samples by electron microscope. Thanks to this type of microscope I was able to see think which are normally hidden for us. But I wanted more… Even the best picture is only picture. I dreamed about possibility to touch, walk and hear this unseen world of quantum physics and nanoscale.

I wanted to be like Alice in Wonderland. Just jump through a hole and just be there, between nano-scale creatures and structures. I wanted a door to the other dimensions.

And that is the idea. Smart people say if you are not able to find something, you should create it by yourself. So as you reading this I am probably working towards this goal. Building the door, the rabbit hole to another dimension to the nanoscale world.

I need to say, I don’t know how and when this project will end up. Hopefully, with one amazing game/application where you can truly experience the nanoscale and quantum physics.

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